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Janitorial Supplies

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Making Businesses Sparkle for over 60 years!

“The success of a good cake is often reflected in the ingredients used”.


The same could be said about cleaning and for the best results Central Cleaning Company only use quality, and

eco-friendly chemicals and detergents. Through prudent and careful selection of Janitorial Supplies Central Cleaning Company has over many years built a catalogue of products that not only reflect the quality demanded to sustain the highest of reputations. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Frey’s range of chemicals. These include floor and toilet cleaners, hand soaps and disinfectants, all competitively priced.


Central Cleaning Company requirement and ability to purchase in bulk ensures that prices are keen and now the savings can be passed onto you; not only as a client of our contract cleaning business but also as a buyer of Janitorial Supplies.


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