Office Cleaning

The Central Cleaning Company has extensive experience of cleaning offices and industrial units.

  1. You may have changed your office around internally and exposed patches of clean carpet.
  2. You may have a new build which needs cleaning after the builders have left,
  3. You may have a local dignitary visiting, so your office needs to look spotless.

The Central Cleaning Company are available for a one-off clean or we can work within a contract, we often get called on to clean an office outside of the contract.

As a responsible company you may already have an in-house cleaning team, The Central Cleaning Company will, on a pre-agreed schedule, tackle the items that are not included in the daily/weekly cleaning schedule. Clients ask us to clean the lights, including the fluorescent tubes, wash walls, degrease the kitchen and steam clean the carpets. We are particularly in demand in the summer giving schools a thorough clean in time for the new autumn term.

The Central Cleaning Company is often called in to clean before and after an office move takes place. All of our staff have been thoroughly CRB checked, which takes place as part of the process before we employ them. We have clients of over 25 years where we have been cleaning their offices and windows for them.

The Central Cleaning Company prides itself on its flexibility. If it is the first time that you have had your office or industrial unit cleaned for a while, then the initial cost can be higher than subsequent cleans. We would look to establish a long-term contract with you, allowing this high initial cost to be spread over the life of the contract. This helps with your cash flow and we are comfortable to invest in the equipment and staff needed to keep your office or industrial unit to the clean standards you require.