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If you have a high rise office in Peterborough then sooner, rather than later, you will need to employ the services of a cleaning company to spruce up the exterior.

The chances are that this high rise cleaning specialist will use one of three main methods for making your Peterborough office look first class.

One of the most popular choices for high rise cleaning of up to 20 metres, or 65 ft, is a reach and clean type system which works using pure water technology. One worker operating from the ground is able to clean the Peterborough building’s glass and frames quickly and easily.

Another method used for high rise cleaning is an access platform or cherry picker up to 40 metres which makes it easier to reach small areas and confined spaces of the building being cleaned.

Truck mounted platforms provide excellent working height and outreach capabilities and can be set up and operational in minutes.

However, when it comes to high rise cleaning at heights of more than 60ft then rope access or abseiling may prove to be the most useful for the Peterborough building in need of a clean.

Before any type of work is carried out an assessment will have to be made. Whenever any kind of high rise cleaning is to be undertaken safety must always come first. All workers due to clean the Peterborough office should have received all appropriate training and be able to carry out their work safely and professionally.

A good high rise cleaning specialist should always be prepared to explain exactly how they plan to clean the Peterborough building and should offer to provide plenty of references and testimonials from satisfied customers.

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