High Pressure Gutter Cleaning Machine

The Central Cleaning Company are proud to offer their NEW high pressure gutter cleaning machine.

We all know that the gutters around your house, factory or office will take the water away off your roof and away from your foundations into the drainage. Gutters get clogged up with leaves, silt, birds’ nests and other debris. This debris must be cleared on a regular basis or else they will not function correctly, the down pipes will clog up and rainwater will fill up the gutters, overflow and possibly even pull the gutters loose from their mountings.

High Pressure washing at height is easily performed using our high pressure gutter cleaning machine.

This is mounted on the top of a pole, similar to the one we use for window cleaning, where we can also attach a CCTV system. This CCTV camera will allow us to access gutter or roof problems safely from the ground.

If the gutter simply needs a clean then we can direct the high pressure washing system into the correct places. Should we discover problems with the gutter this can be rectified at the same time.

We can work at heights of up to 12 metres, using a variety of pressure jets to tackle both commercial gutter cleaning and domestic gutter cleaning.

We will clean the length of the gutter with a high pressure washer, obviously taking care to avoid spilling any mud or debris over the edge of the guttering. Our system allows for high areas to be cleaned with no loss of any pressure. During this power washing we may notice that the down pipes are obstructed or even blocked. Often the washing process will dislodge these blockages. Once we have cleared and cleaned the gutters, we then check the drainage flow and correct any issues if needed. Your gutters are left clean, functional and ready to do their job properly.