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window_cleaning3Your office is your flagship and first impressions count! This means that the appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critical.

A single dirty window can be detrimental to a company’s image, demoralise your staff and put off clients. You may have a small retail unit, a multi-storey office block, a complete business park or a hospital, no matter what size, cleanliness is important and they all receive the same attention to detail. Professional commercial window cleaning Peterborough will eliminate this problem and keep all your windows clean!

Offering free estimates, contracts that fit in with you and the hours that you work, a long list of testimonials and, when we have finished, the cleanest windows you have ever seen, The Central Cleaning Company is winning contracts in the greater Peterborough area because of their reputation for quality work.

The newer type of office building have alot more glass used in their construction than older buildings.

shutterstock_685643If  the glass is kept clean it looks fantastic, really compliments your business, but when it is dirty, oh dear. We have recently been awarded a number of contracts to clean modern office buildings. Our clients know that if the glass is a large pane or a cluster of smaller panes in an old frame, we can keep it shining.

Here at the Central Cleaning Company we use purified water-fed poles to provide a commercial window cleaning Peterborough service. It is better for the environment as no detergent is required. It is also safer for the operator as it dispenses with the need for having to climb ladders or other devices.

Of course tap water can look clean and pure but actually it contains a lot of dissolved chemicals and minerals. These amounts will vary from a hard water area to a soft water area. The minerals in tap water, which are mainly calcium and magnesium, leave white residues on the glass and smudges.

  1. Our water purification units de-mineralise and de-ionise tap water, removing the impurities and producing pure water.
  2. Pure water is the best product to clean windows, it will absorb dirt particles from the glass, there is no need to use detergent with pure water and no need to squeegee the windows, leaving an excellent streak free finish.
  3. We then feed the pure water up the pole to a height of 50 feet.

Working at this height provides a safe high level window cleaning method that complies with the current ‘work at height’ legislation, allowing the operator to work at ground level at all times.

At The Central Cleaning Company we know exactly how to clean each and every window we take on.

People might think that glass is glass – but we make sure that the surroundings and the window frame aren’t damaged or affected by the window cleaning process either. Our commercial window cleaning peterborough experience enables us to handle any and all windows you may need to have cleaned pn a regular basis.

The Central Cleaning Company is fully compliant with all current health and safety legislation, making commercial window cleaning Peterborough less hazardous. We can supply a practical and cost effective window cleaning schedule to meet your individual site requirements. Once this is in place we can then deliver a consistent, safe, quality, and efficient cleaning routine.

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