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Monday, January 17th, 2011

pole-fed-cleaningA Pole Window Cleaning System allows most windows to be cleaned from the ground level with extended telescopic poles. This means that there are no wobbly ladders or steps needed, eliminating the danger of slipping or falling, making cleaning quick and easy. A Pole Window Cleaning System peterborough makes cleaning quick and easy, solving the problems of algae, bird droppings and dirt build up on high and low level windows.

The Pole Window Cleaning System are very rigid and easily controlled, making window cleaning safe and easy. There are different heads and accessories which are interchangeable to achieve the best cleaning results. The cotton cloths will produce a superior window clean on glass or polycarbonate compared to the brush heads. The cotton heads will have far greater contact on the surface area, helped by the weight of the de-ionised water used to clean.

New Working At Height Regulations

In 2005 new working at height regulations came into play, which brought into question whether ladders should be used when cleaning windows. In line with these regulations, water fed pole window cleaning are obvious alternative methods which could often be used to avoid the risk of working at height. Working from a ladder is a very risky business, meaning water fed pole window cleaning systems are here to stay, despite the common myth that water fed pole window cleaning peterborough systems are not good for domestic work.

Water fed pole window cleaning systems are suitable for domestic applications. If you work with the pole system housed in a van, then a 100m hose reel will reach most houses in a small cul-de-sac. If the domestic houses are scattered, then a portable trolley or backpack system is more suitable. Once the operator has developed their skills, any extra time spent setting up the window cleaning equipment is more than compensated by the time gained in cleaning the windows.

The thought of squirting windows with pure water from a garden hose pipe attached to a telescopic pole with a brush of the end of it does not sound convincing. However, not to have to use any chemicals or detergents is a great benefit and will increase your green credentials. The pure water used allows windows to be cleaned remarkably well by brushing off the dirt with a soft bristled brush and at the same time the dirt is rinsed away. Once the window dries the customer will see that the windows are spotless, all the minerals and impurities having been removed from the water during its purification process.


Of course, another benefit is the privacy that the client gains. Cleaning upstairs windows from the ground using a water fed pole window cleaning peterborough system means that you won’t be climbing ladders and accidentally peering in the windows whilst cleaning them. Pole system cleaning also ensures that no damage is caused to the building, which has been known with traditional ladders or cradles.  Under the current health and safety legislation, many businesses will only use operators who use the water fed pole window cleaning peterborough system.

window_cleaning3On the vast majority of window cleaning, on both residential and commercial properties, water fed pole system is far more efficient than the manual approach using a ladder. The equipment just needs to be taken off the van and is instantly read to use, due to the fact that the systems are ladderless, and can still reach up to 6 stories, the time spent cleaning windows is significantly reduced. On average you can expect a water fed pole window cleaning peterborough service to be approximately 30% faster on residential window cleaning while up to a massive 50% faster on any commercial properties.

Commercial Cleaning Services Peterborough | 01733 571467

Monday, November 8th, 2010

office-cleaner-shutterstockIf you are a building owner, an occupier or an employer you have a statutory obligation to provide and maintain a clean and healthy environment for your employees and customers. By acknowledging and embracing your duties of care, your business will reap the benefit of an enhanced image amongst your customers and staff.

A simple survey will enable The Central Cleaning Company to highlight any problem areas and help you to plan to solve them. We will then tailor our commercial cleaning services peterborough to fit your exact requirements, whether that’s a one-off pre-audit clean or a deep cleaning programme at regular intervals.

The Central Cleaning Company can offer a commercial cleaning service peterborough to Pub Kitchens, Restaurants and Office Canteens, as well as sensitive premises including general and Psychiatric Hospitals, Schools, Nurseries, Nursing Homes, Prisons, and Government Buildings.  Cleaning can be carried out at a time that is convenient for the client; either during the day, over a weekend or through the night. We pride ourselves in working better, faster and greener too. Our own innovations in technology and working practices mean a better equipped and more motivated team.

Up to date training providing high standards

The Central Cleaning Company are aware how important Health and Safety is and our in-house H&S Team create site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements for every client and each project.  COSHH Data Sheets are provided as well as full copies of our Health and Safety Policy. Our costs can include all cleaning materials and the provision of any required machinery.

The challenge for us begins by recruiting the right staff, people with a personal commitment to high standards in customer service. We then incentiviaze them by providing continuous training in the latest equipment and techniques, and nurturing them to advance within the company   all our Project and Team Managers have come from the shop floor.

Our Industrial Cleaners are trained to work at High Level from Cherry Pickers, Scissor Lifts and Scaffolding Towers, and for this they carry the necessary IPAF qualifications.  Our Industrial Cleaners are also trained in the use of Industrial Cleaning Equipment such as Scrubber Driers, Rotary Buffers, Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers.

All managers, supervisors receive comprehensive training in the qualities to manage the sites they are allocated. All cleaning operatives receive in-house and on-site training in all areas needed to carry out their given duties. All Health and Safety issues and company policies are covered in their initial induction.

Range of Services

kitchen-cleaner-shutterstockIn addition to commercial cleaning services peterborough we also cover a range of services including office and industrial cleaning, low and high rise window cleaning, the reach and wash window cleaning system, carpet and hard floor cleaning and maintenance, as well as conservatory cleaning and landscaping services. The level and range of services we provide coupled with competitive pricing has led to us developing a quality client base of national chains and local independent businesses in equal measure. Our infrastructure and industry leading expertise allows us to offer our clients a tailor made, flexible service which in turn allows them to concentrate on their core business and not their commercial cleaning.

We are able to clean all sizes of office from a single room to a chain of office suites. Times are tailored to suit your needs and can be daily or weekly. Hours are at your convenience. We can clean your premises with the minimum of disruption to your guests and staff. We offer a commercial cleaning service peterborough 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day, including Bank holidays. This means we can meet the specific needs of your establishment even if it means working for you during the evening or at night.

Contract Cleaning | 01733 571467

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

contract-cleaningThe Central Cleaning Company offer a full range of contract services from commercial window cleaning to office interiors. We ensure that all areas of your premises look great and show your office in the best way to your staff and visitors. We have specialist experience of cleaning requirements for retail, laboratory, college and university sites.

A cleaner workplace has beneficial effects on productivity within your business, and the perception of your company by those who visit you. In these days of ‘competitive edge’ we believe this is an essential element for any company serious about their image. The work place is important; after all we spent most of our adult lives there, so keeping it looking good is paramount to a good working atmosphere. We are here to make your workplace a clean and pleasant one to work in, every day of the year – even bank holidays!

Contract cleaning involves a regular clean of your premises, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and a wide range of other cleaning services that are discussed when you set up the contract. The Central Cleaning Company has extensive knowledge and experience and will only agree to contract cleaning that is suitable for your organisation, we will never sell you a service you will not need.

The Central Cleaning Company is here to make your office sparkle and shine, by cleaning on a regular basis, allowing you to get on your business. Once the contract cleaning is agreed to you will be assigned a contract cleaning manager who will always be available to assist you, to answer any questions or queries.

As a responsible company you may already have an in-house cleaning team, The Central Cleaning Company will, on a pre-agreed schedule, tackle the items that are not included in the daily/weekly cleaning schedule. Clients ask us to clean the lights, including the fluorescent tubes, wash walls, degrease the kitchen and steam clean the carpets. We are particularly in demand in the summer giving schools a thorough clean in time for the new autumn term.

Cleaning after an office move

The Central Cleaning Company is often called in to clean before and after an office move takes place. All of our staff have been thoroughly CRB checked, which takes place as part of the process before we employ them. We have clients of over 25 years where we have been cleaning their offices and windows for them.

wet-floor-sign1The Central Cleaning Company prides itself on its flexibility.
If it is the first time that you have had your office or industrial unit cleaned for a while, then the initial cost can be higher than subsequent cleans. We would look to establish a long-term contract with you, allowing this high initial cost to be spread over the life of the contract. This helps with your cash flow and we are comfortable to invest in the equipment and staff needed to keep your office or industrial unit to the clean standards you require.